PERROR(3) AerieBSD 1.0 Refernce Manual PERROR(3)


perror — write error messages to standard error


#include <stdio.h>

void perror(const char *string);


The perror(); function looks up the language-dependent error message string affiliated with an error number and writes it, followed by a new-line, to the standard error stream.

If the argument string is not the NULL pointer and is not zero length, it is prepended to the message string and separated from it by a colon and a space ("\&:\"\&). Otherwise, only the error message string is printed.

The contents of the error message string are the same as those returned by strerror(); with argument errno.


intro(2), psignal(3), setlocale(3), strerror(3)


The perror(); function conforms to

AerieBSD 1.0 Reference Manual August 26 2008 PERROR(3)