RC.SHUTDOWN(8) AerieBSD 1.0 Refernce Manual RC.SHUTDOWN(8)


rc.shutdown — command script run at system shutdown


When the system is administratively shut down using either the reboot(8) or halt(8) command, rc(8) is invoked with the argument “shutdown”, which checks for the existence of a /etc/rc.shutdown script to run before halting the system. This script, like rc.local(8), is entirely for commands added by the system administrator.

The rc.shutdown script is also executed by init(8) if a keyboard-requested halt is issued (for architectures that support this).

If rc.shutdown sets the variable powerdown to “YES”, halt(8) will attempt to power down the machine after it has halted.


halt(8), init(8), rc(8), reboot(8)

AerieBSD 1.0 Reference Manual August 26 2008 RC.SHUTDOWN(8)